What people are saying about us…

Melanie Merrians

Covenant House California

Chief Development and Communications Officer


akcpt is a great fit with the goals and mission of Covenant House California…

In learning about akcpt, I think it would help our youth who are in a crucial period in their lives and are striving to become self-sufficient. Many of our kids find themselves homeless having run away from severe abuse or neglect, or having termed out of the foster care system.. All of them are seeking a fresh start and meaningful employment!



Carol Sanger


President / CEO


We so appreciate the unique experience our LA’s Best students had with you. We loved the workshop you facilitated with our students, mentoring them through the design process, exposing them to a professional photo shoot, inspiring creativity, and introducing career opportunities in fashion. This was an eye opener for many of them.

Your energy and passion is a gift that our students will never forget and that we would love to share with more!



Cynthia Ruiz

City of Los Angeles

President Board of Public Works


In addition to the office I hold as Commissioner, Board or Public works in Los Angeles, I have also been appointed Fashion Ambassador by our Mayor.  I have come to know and appreciate Vincent Libretti and his efforts to aid our city. Most recently, he has given much of his time and effort in support of LA’s Best.

In discussing Vincent’s next project using high end fashion as a paradox to reveal the often neglected voice of the homeless, we can all appreciate the high social impact this would have on our homeless population.

In closing, Vincent has my full support and endorsement with this important project, which I feel will be of great value to our city.



Herbert L. Smith

LA Mission

President / CEO


I respect Vincent, I was certainly moved by his passion, drive and desire to help the homeless. The Los Angeles Mission is looking forward to getting involved with his project using our 75 years of experience to help color the palate of his creative genius. I felt the use of fashion as a canvas to artistically express the voice of the homeless is certainly new, and very contemporary. 

I heartily endorse his proposal to use the proceeds towards a larger housing supportive housing facility for the homeless in Los Angeles.



The Voices of the Teens from "CREATE NOW"

 “This is the perfect opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and do new things”  Joselyne Secaida

 “So excited to learn and open my eyes to a new type of art”  Taylor Hymas

  “I think it’s great opportunity to explore the arts and learn new skills that are not taught in the classroom…an opportunity to break the norm”  Fernanda Mendez

 This feels like fate, with all the personal things going on in my life right now, I still get to do what I’m passionate about”  Antoine Walker

“I’m REALLY excited,,,this is a wonderful opportunity to learn new things”  Nicole Hill

 ” I am Amazed by this opportunity…I am so Grateful. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You”  Teddy Banks

Painting a canvas with our friends on Skid Row