“Akcpt is a great fit with the goals and mission of Covenant House California. It would help our youth who are striving to become self sufficient.”

Melanie Merrians

Covenant House California

Chief Development Officer

“Vincent has my full support with this important project which I feel will be of great value to our city.”

Cynthia Ruiz

City of Los Angeles


“Vincent’s energy and passion is a gift that our students will never forget and that we would love to share with more!”

Carol Sanger



“The Akcpt team has done an outstanding job in mentoring the youth at Create Now. By developing product, creating a new brand, and initiating sales, he has shown our Teens that anything is possible.”


Ruby Medina

Create Now LA

Program Director

“This would not only allow the Women of DWC to re-ignite their creative voice, but also give them a possible foot into employment in the fashion world.”

Tracy Roden

Downtown Women’s Center

Director of Workforce Development


"Akcpt" a Fashion company that teaches, trains, then hires those in need


project runway designer Vincent Libretti teaches logo design
vincent librettis company akcpt teaches those in need
Vincent libretti from Project runway teaches students
Logo design class for akcpt



Distressed Silver bracelet at Akcpt
Akcpt printed handbag by Vincent Libretti and Antoine from Create Now LA
Akcpt handbag by Vincent libretti and Jonathan from Create Now LA
Akcpt dog collar by designer vincent libretti
 Black Akcpt bracelet by designer vincent libretti
 Handbag at Akcpt by designer Vincent libretti and Jonathan from Create Now LA
Akcpt bracelets by Vincent Libretti
Ostrich Akcpt handbag by Vincent Libretti and Nicole from Create Now LA

We provided training in Product and Graphic Design, for the Teens from Create Now and Women from DWC. We develop products for the Akcpt brand, across a broad range of accessories. Our reward is mentoring hopeful students, inspiring and giving them the opportunity to share their artistic expression and engage in the product development cycle.

akcpt is project runway designer Vincent Libretti's company

Changing lives..One at a Time

At Akcpt, what matters most is to give an opportunity to a person who has been neglected by honoring them and fostering their talent. The objective of this company is to employ seasoned local workers to produce apparel in California, and simultaneously train interns to be employed by the company within a set period of time. The interns will be chosen from various outreach organizations in Los Angeles. Our goal is to see that those in need support themselves and their families. Within a few generations, one hundred jobs can impact tens of thousands of people, within six generations, those jobs will have impacted millions…


“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”

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